Charging Your Smartphone Now Takes a Minute

Do you know that you can now charge your smartphone in a minute? Don’t be surprised, everything seems to be possible with technology! Soon, you would stop complaining and lamenting about how quickly your battery drains out!


Just have it on record that It is a new dawn for smartphones users as a team of scientists/technologists have discovered a viable and workable solution for a long-lasting battery life.

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The amazing Discovery…

The research was embarked upon by a team led by Chemistry Prof., Hongjie Dai, at Stanford University in California. Findings from the study showed that aluminium-ion batteries are more durable than lithium-ion batteries that are currently being used in smartphones. The latter lasts for about 1,000 cycles while the former continued charging after more than 7,500 cycles. This test was carried out in a laboratory and published in the journal Nature.

Use of Aluminium-ion battery in phones?

The use of aluminium-ion batteries in smartphones are yet to be commercially available. It will take quite some time before the battery hits the market. can tell you for free that smartphone users can’t wait to purchase this battery because it reduces their reliance on power bank and they can surf the web, play music and watch/download videos for longer periods.

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