Top 5 Highest paying jobs in Nigeria

The classification of people into high-class, middle-class, and low-class is a function of how much they earn and how much they spend. There are many high paying jobs in Nigeria that can set individuals up for life and some of them are as follows:

Building contractor and real estate consultant – ₦1,500,000

Construction happens to be one of the quickest industries in Nigeria in terms of development and as a result, it does not come as an entire surprise that construction and real estate jobs are the most prevalent jobs in the country and they pay the highest. Though, jobs that are related to construction and real estate are tedious to execute, however, with the tedious nature of the job comes a payment that is matching to its intensity. One good side to this job is that one does not require to have training for the job as it can be learnt right there on the building site.

Building contractors are sought after in the country almost every day as people are always building either homes, churches, estates, malls (supermarkets), and so on.

Computer operator – ₦450,000

Being a computer literate is a very big deal in the world of today. Most office jobs require the services of employees who have a very good knowledge of computers and how they work (how to operate them). As regards scope, computer operations is one of the broadest jobs in the Nigerian job market today. One may be given the task of examining computer systems, working with computer graphics, processing files, maintain hardware and software, inputting data into the computer, and many other operations that can only performed on computers.

Programmers, web designers, and software developers earn a lot from their operations. In fact, individuals who are specialists in the computer skills mentioned above are sought after by many companies not just in Nigeria but also around the globe.

HR manager – ₦120,000


Another job that pays very well in Nigeria is that of the Human Resources manager. Human resource management entails looking after and putting the welfare of employees within an organization as a priority. It is only when the employees within an organization are happy and satisfied with their jobs that they can put in their best to do their work. So it is pretty clear that the work that a Human Resource (HR) manager has to do is exceptional, they have to be in cooperation with officials of the company, the individuals who are already employees of the company as well as those who are applying for a job so as to ensure that the company is has the best staff, employees enjoy working, and there are individuals available to fill up some offices when they become vacant.

This job requires training.

 Nutritionist – ₦100,000

The issue of environmental and human health, poor nutrition, spread of diseases and infection, cholesterol in the world of today has raised awareness in the minds of individuals with regards to the kind of food they put into their body systems and it has also put the services of nutritionists on high demand. Basically, a nutritionist is someone who specializes in the study of nutrition and his job is to create awareness as to what kinds of food a person should eat to ensure he remains in good health. Nutritionists are also called dieticians.

To be a nutritionist, you do not require a medical degree, but, having one gives you an edge to getting the job and proper knowledge of health. What you do require most is an expert knowledge on various kinds of food and how they affect the body.

Marketing manager – ₦100,000

In the corporate world of today, there is a job for a sales manager and also a job for a marketing manager, and although their jobs are related in some respects, they are not necessarily one and the same thing. Both the sales manager and the marketing manager are charged with the duties of looking for potential company clients and making them become loyal customers of the organization, be that as it may, a marketing manager’s job is more tasking compared to that of a sales manager. A marketing manager creates systematic plans of action that are long-term while performing his everyday jobs.

A great deal of time is spent by the marketing manager in communication with other departments, supervisors, and customers, so to be a marketing manager, you don’t only require training, you need to be good with people.

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