Top 5 online shopping platforms in Nigeria

Nigeria and the world at large is going through a phase of globalization and the internet is making a lot of things accessible easily than before the era of the internet. These days, people visit the internet for information and even for shopping. Below are a few shopping platforms in Nigeria.



Jumia is one of the biggest platforms in the online shopping business in Nigeria as well as the whole of Africa most especially in the western part of Africa. All of the products that are delivered by Jumia are so done with the highest form of professional approach and this is because the company puts the interest of its customers first.

Because of their customer priority approach, the online shopping platform has come to be trusted by a lot of Nigerians and is well thought-out to be one of the best electronic web store in the country. Jumia’s Black Friday is a day where goods are really discounted for customers.

Jumia provides huge discounts for products they sell and they also give out promos to customers. Jumia also do their best to provide the best quality of products to its client base and it has a fair return policy for goods that are damaged. Their official website is

Konga Online Shopping Store


Konga is another major electronic web store whose services are available in Nigeria. The way Konga makes its products and services accessible to Nigerians is believed to be appealing and remarkable. Konga not only provide products for sale at discount rates, they also make coupon codes available to interested customers and these coupon codes are the real deal.

Konga delivers its products to every location in Nigeria thus making the “pay on delivery” service accessible throughout the country, unlike Jumia whose products can only be received from major cities in the country which as a result does not make the “pay on delivery” service possible.

Products from Konga can always be trusted because over time, they have delivered products to clients whose testimonies have led us to believe that they (Konga) and their products are trustworthy. Their official website is



Payporte may not be as popular as Konga and Jumia, it is still an electronic web store as much as both Konga and Jumia is. Payporte provides good products as well as after-sales support for its customers especially the ones who purchase products on a daily basis.

Payporte employs certain mechanisms in order to put to a stop every form of fraudulent sales, this way they effectively protect their clients from sham.

Payporte also has a programme that is sponsored by one of its subsidiaries which allows users who do not have products that they own earn a good sum of money and this they can do by doing promotions. When they are able to promote quality products from other sellers they earn some money. The official website for Payporte is



Yudala is another one of the online shopping stores whose services are made available in Nigeria. Yudala’s Black Friday sales takes place both online and offline at the same time. The model of business that Yudala adopts is one that is more compatible with the Nigerian situation. Scams and fraud is really wide spread in Nigeria and as such, a lot of people will prefer “pay on delivery” services rather than making payments online for the products they order.

Yudala has a lot of mega retail shops in major cities in Nigeria and they should make extensions over time. Also, the e-web store delivers products with drones which is a major advancement in quick service delivery. The official Yudala website is



Vconnect is another one of the electronic web shopping site for various products whose services are available in Nigeria although it may not be as popular in contrast to Konga and Jumia. However, it was among the first online shopping sites ever to make it to the Nigerian internet.

Vconnect is a company that like any company that wants to succeed in business, is concerned about its customers’ decisions and rights. Vconnect offers pre-sales and after-sales support to its clients.

Prices of products are actually very fair considering that their products are of a right standard. In March earlier this year, Vconnect went into a partnership with Mastercard to offer SMEs the Mastercard mobile payment solution called Masterpass QR. The official website for Vconnect is

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