8 Things You Need to Know When You Get a New iPhone

When you get a new iPhone, especially if it’s the first iPhone you have ever heard, basically there are hundreds; even thousands of things to you need to learn. To have knowledge of these things, you need to start from the basics.

Here are 8 suggestions and instructions on the things you need to do first when you get a new iPhone. However these tips are few of what you can do with an iPhone, but they will lay the foundation for you to become an iPhone guru.

    iphone 5C  

1. Activating Your New iPhone

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The first thing you need to do with your new iPhone is to activate it. It does not take much time and you can do everything you need right on the iPhone and start using within some few minutes. The setup process activates the iPhone and allows you to choose fundamental settings for using most features like FaceTime, Find My iPhone, iMessage, and many more. You can change these settings later, if you wish, but start from here.

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2. Creating Apple ID

Apple ID

Create an iTunes Account.
If you intend to use the iTunes/App store which is a must, right? What is the essence of you getting an iPhone without exploring hundreds of thousands of free and amazing apps? Creating an Apple ID is the only way to enjoy these benefits. This free account is not only restricted to buying music, movies, apps, and many more at iTunes, but can also be used for other relevant feature and technologies, e.g., iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, and many other awesome technologies on the iPhone. Creating an Apple ID is not a compulsory thing, but I think it is highly important.

3. Installing iTunes


To begin with, iTunes is much more than just a program that stores and plays your music when it comes to iPhone. It is also a tool that allows you add and remove music, video, photos, apps, and much more from your iPhone. Also, it also has various settings related to what goes on your iPhone live. iTunes is very vital to using your iPhone.
For Mac OS, iTunes are pre-installed; but if yours is having Windows, you will need to download it and fortunately it is made free for users to download from Apple. Also follow the instructions on downloading and iTunes installation for windows.

4. Setting Up and synchronizing your iPhone

synchronizing your iphone

Once you have successfully installed iTunes and you have your Apple ID, You can now plug your iPhone to your computer and start loading it with materials like music, e-books, photos, videos, etc. Once you have synced via USB once, you can still change your settings and start synchronizing with Wi-Fi from there.

5. Configuring iCloud


IPhone becomes much easier with the use of iCloud, especially if you have up to two or three devices (computer or mobile device) that has your music, apps, or other data on it. iCloud is a single app that has a lot of features embedded together, including the ability to back up your data to Apple’s servers and re-install it via the Internet with just one click or automatically sync your data across devices. ICloud also allows you to re-install anything you have once purchase on iTunes/App Store, even if you mistakenly delete some files or lost your phone, your purchases are always in store for you. And it’s free!

6. Touch ID and iPhone Fingerprint Scanner


Keeping your iPhone secure is another important and crucial thing. Touch ID is an inbuilt fingerprint scanner with the Home Button only on these three brands: iphone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus. Despite the fact that Touch ID was originally only used for unlocking the phone, and making iTunes/App Store purchases, in iOS 8 any app can use it. This means that any app that uses a password or needs to keep data secure can start using it. It is also an important security feature for Apple’s wireless payments system, Apple Pay. Touch ID is user friendly, simple to set up and easy to use which makes your phone more secure. Don’t be left out, you should use it.

7. The Built-In Apps

built in apps

iPhone comes with pretty selections and variety of built-in apps, but the apps you get from the App Store get the most recognition. Before you go too deep into exploring the App Store, have knowledge of how to use the built-in apps effectively for web browsing, email, photos, music, calling, etc.

8. The App Store

App store

Once you have mastered the built-in apps, your next step is to start exploring the App Store. Here you can get all kinds of new apps, programs, games, etc. which are usually just for a dollar or two, if not for free.
With these, you will have certainly gotten a pretty solid knowledge on the basics of using the iPhone. But there is more to it than these, so much more to the iPhone than the basics. It contains secrets of all kinds that are fun and useful.

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