National beef: North Korea Forbids Its Athletes From Receiving Complimentary Galaxy S7 Edges

As Nigerians we understand what it means for someone to beef us. You know that type of beef when a young guy of twenty wins a N1 million in a bet and all he does for a close friend is buy him a stick of cigarette; even when he knows his friend has lung ailment.

This was the case in the Olympics between North Korea and South Korea. Just some few weeks ago before the Olympics, Samsung had specially designed a limited edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge in the spirit of celebrating the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Certainly this edition of the S7 Edge is obviously distinct. The body comes in black and the buttons and trims all in the colors of the famous Olympic rings. In its celebratory mood, Samsung
announced that it would generously give 12,500 of the limited edition phones to the athletes participating in the Rio Olympics.

Yet this kind gesture was not welcome from all angles. According to Radio Free Asia, North Korea had officially turned down the gift, strictly directing its athletes from claiming the complimentary devices. Going by reports coming from Samsung as well as the Rio Olympics Committee, one of the senior managers for the North Korean team had received the 31 smartphones, but then he didn’t distribute them to his fellow North Korean athletes. When faced with questions, Kim Song I, who is a competitor in women’s table tennis,quietly denied getting her gift.

Just in case you don’t know, South Korea is North Korea’s sworn enemy.And then for Samsung being a South Korean company, the aggression was transferred.

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