MTN Smart Number: Meaning, Features & Benefits

MTN, the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria has roll out a new package for smart businesses.

MTN Smart Number

MTN has just introduced a new package known as MTN Smart Number. MTN smart number is an easy-to-remember and customise phone number from MTN. Below are the things you need to know before you decide to go for MTN Smart Number.

Meaning of MTN Smart Number

The MTN Smart Number service provides your business with easy-to-remember phone numbers made up of numbers and alphabets that uniquely identify the name of your business, product or service. This makes the numbers easy to recall increasing your business’s reachability among customers and prospects and as such increasing business opportunity.

Features and Benefits of MTN Smart Number



One-Number Dial Service

An MTN Smart Number can be linked to as many as 30 existing phone numbers.

0800 Toll-free Service

A 0800 Smart Number allows your customers call you for free while you pay for their calls.

Digital Interleaving

If an MTN Smart number is linked to your other phone numbers, this feature enables incoming calls to be equally apportioned among them.

Non-Alphabet Smart (Special) Numbers

Easy-to-remember numbers without alphabets.
E.g. 0700 1111 2222 3333

Now that you have a full understanding of what MTN Smart Number mean, you can now procedure to Procedures to get MTN Smart Number.

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