How you can Get MTN Smart Number for Your Business

In my recent publication, I explained the Meaning, Features & Benefits of MTN Smart Number and I promised to share how business owners can subscribe for it.

MTN Smart Number

MTN Smart Numbers are offered in two categories: Non-toll free 0700 numbers & Toll free 0800 numbers. Both non-toll free numbers and toll-free numbers must consist of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 letters (alphabets) after the initial 0700 or 0800.

MTN Smart Number Types of Packages and Subscription Plans

The MTN smart number subscription plans are as follows below:

Category per annum

Access Price per annum

Discount Access Price per annum -50%

Subscription Validity Period

SMART Numbers 0700 (per masked number)

₦ 52,500

₦ 26,250

1 year

SMART Numbers 0800 (per masked number)

₦ 52,500

₦ 26,250

1 year

Above 2 masked number (3RD Line)

₦ 42,000

₦ 21,000

1 year


All You Need to Know About MTN Smart Number

How do I subscribe to the MTN Smart Number Service?

  1. Click here now to search for your desired name. If the name is available you will be prompted to make payment. If your desired name is not available, you will be prompted with three suggested names to choose from.
  2. Visit any MTN Walk-In Centre
  3. Call 0700MTNBusiness
  4. Corporate customers can also call their Account Partners.

 How do I pay for an MTN Smart Number?
The service can be fully paid for online using your Interswitch ATM card or MasterCard.
Payment can also be made in cash or using ATM Cards at any MTN Walk-In Centre

 How long is the service valid for?
The service is valid for 1 year. E.g. 12th May 2013 to 11th June 2014.

 How do I know my username and password?
You will be sent your username and default password via email upon successful registration.

 Do I need to pay a deposit for a Non-toll free number?
Yes. This deposit will be made for each 0800 number and will be used up as calls are made to the 0800 number.

 What happens at the expiration of the 1 year subscription?
Before your service expires, you will receive two SMS notifications: 1 month before and the 2 days before your service expires.
These notifications will prompt you to renew your subscription to avoid suspension of your service.

 Do I have to pay for the additional features mentioned above?
No. All features are configured at no additional cost.

 Can I link my fixed phone numbers to my MTN Smart Number?
Yes. MTN Smart Number can be linked to any of your fixed/fixed wireless lines.

 Can I link non-MTN numbers to my MTN Smart Number?
Yes. MTN Smart Number can be linked to any mobile lines in Nigeria.

Source: MTN Nigeria

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