Moto G4 leaked.. Again!

Recently there have been quite a lot of controversial devices commanding themselves respectable audience and attention. At the center of this is the iPhone 7; and not too far off is the Motorola 4th generation phone or the Moto G4 as it is generally called. Recently it was seen in a hands on review. Let’s go through a list of things we should be expecting(speculative though).

  • Android 6.0(Marshmallow) or N; depending on when the device is released.
  • A dual tone flash. Camera quality cannot be determined as of now.
  • Rubberized plastic body.
  • Absence of a physical home button.
  • A whole lot of mystery holes(might just be mics, but you can never really tell).
  • A fingerprint scanner(as is the order of the day for flagship devices nowadays)
  • NFC.

But with the absence of a physical home button and no visible fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, that leaves the power button as the only viable option(as in the case of the One Plus 2). Storage size is also unconfirmed but it is quite safe to assume between 16-64GB. See the previous leaked images below: image Though the logical explanation for those holes beside the home button and camera grill is a mic, anything is possible; it is called tech after all. It is important to note that the picture above was a mock up and is pretty accurate but for the home button that is obviously not meant to be there.

Below is a shot from the review video:


Another thing is the fact that no visible Lenovo branding has been spotted. While this is still raving on, there is also rumor of a G4 plus. More on that in subsequent posts.

Watch the YouTube Video here.

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