Tips to Get More Likes and Fans on your Facebook Page [Infographic]

One of the common questions asked by the majority of people who wish to build a brand or garner traffic from Facebook is the way to get more likes and fans on their page.


If you search through Google for ways to get more likes and fans on your Facebook page, you will get billions of results, but the sad news is that 98% of them are not legit. I have tried them before by they don’t bring in engaged fans. For instance, buying thousands of likes on Fiverr, won’t do you any good. You will later discover that those fans are not the targeted fans you need for your business.

The quickest means to get engaged fans and likes on your Facebook page is to run ads on Facebook itself, but this will also require a hefty ad budget.

So my recommendation to get more Facebook likes and fans is to create posts that inspire people to share your content.  People sharing your posts on Facebook will result to visibility which will in turn bring people to like your page.

The question on your mind now will be: ‘how do I create posts that excite people enough to share?’ It’s very simple. I got an infographic by Maris Smith that discussed ‘How to Get More Facebook Shares’ with 14 ways to boost visibility and inspire viral sharing on Facebook. This infographic is quite awesome and loaded with the help you need to garner engaging fans and likes on your Facebook page.

Get More Likes and Fans on Your Facebook Page

Have you tried another method that worked for you aside the methods listed in the infographic? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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