3 Easy Steps to Index your Blog Posts in Google Search Within Minutes

A friend started a new blog a week ago and told me it took Google 3 or more days to index his blog posts and seek for solution to make the indexing faster. I shared the simple tips I wrote in this post with him. Now, he told me his blog post is now being index few minutes after publication.


Let say for instance, you blog about discount coupons. One day, you make a post about a discount coupon that will expire in 2-3 days and you rely on search engines traffic. Now, Google-the-great indexed the great post after 3 days. What is the usefulness of the post then? This is a common problem encountered by new bloggers.

If you have a new blog or website and experience such thing (i.e. late indexing of blog posts by Google), the tips I suggested for my friend worked for him, me and many others. You can also give it a try.

Everything to make Google index your blog posts on time will be done via Google Webmaster Tools using the Fetch as Google option. This option will allow Google bots to crawl your new post, which will in turn index the post. Presently, Google placed a limitation to the number of times you can use this feature, and each webmaster is limited to 500 fetches per month.

Steps to Index Your Website/ Blog Posts within Minutes on Google search

1. Login to your Google Webmaster tool and go to your site. If you haven’t register your site with them, go to  www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ to do so.  You can also check this tutorial: How you can submit your Blog to Google Webmaster.

2. After Signing in, go to “Fetch as Google” under Google webmaster tools.

3. Enter your website or post’s URL address in the input box and click on Fetch. Wait for a few seconds until the Google bot fetches your website. When you see a success message under the fetch status, click on “Submit to index” to add the submitted link to Google’s index.

After you might have completed the 3 steps outlined above, wait for a few minutes and then proceed to Google search engine and then input “Site:submitted URL” into the search field. Depending on how busy Google bots are you will see your website / post appear in Google search with a few minutes.

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