More female emojis rolling out in the spirit of gender equality

What a man can do a woman can do better! Miss Jesus and Miss Mohammed would have done equally well their tasks of redeeming creation. The today woman prefers the “wo” syllable silent when pronouncing woman. All this boiling down to the modern emphasis on gender equality.

More female emojis rolling out in the spirit of gender equality

And now all this has gotten to emojis too as there is an increased clamour for women to be represented more in emojis. Just some twelve months ago, Unicode Standard made the addition of skin tone modifications. And now Unicode is spreading its arms wider in welcome gender equality even to emojis as well.

Although truth be said, many of the emojis we have today show men performing a wide range of activities, with women on the other end deployed at reduced number of roles such as being a princess or wearing a wedding gown. But now the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has made the decision to add eleven fresh professional emoji in both male and female options. This would run across such careers as being a cook, an engineer, computer programmer, a scientist, and even a farmer.

Unicode is equally making an expansion to the already existing thirty-three emoji with male and female versions. With what is to come, we will have women running as well as men choosing to cut their hair.

All of these emojis spread access a variety of various skin tones, so we can’t say there is still a stiff gender or race limitation as to a choice of emoji a person can relate to.


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