It is getting more certain that the Samsung Note7 would present the iris scanner feature

It is been a tangible amount of time that the rumour mills have been running concerning the upcoming Samsung Note. The phone has been unveiled at various stages of hypothesis (guesses) as we scramble to sneak into Samsung’s wardrobe sniffing at what the Note 7 entails before the official unveiling. Most particularly preeminent in these rumours is that Samsung is working on iris scanning technology for smartphones for years now. And now this scraps of rumours are already gathering themselves together possibly building an edifice of reality.

The picture below as leaked from Weibo today reveals a quick one-glance at this very feature. This is one big testament to the possibility that this iris scanner stuff may eventually come true.

On the picture, you could see a close look-alike of the Note7 on the lockscreen, and it’s demanding you to make use of your eye-parts for the task of unlocking the phone. On the top left, this could be possibly seen as a strong connection to this iris scanning.

Well for now, we can’t say which particular technology Samsung has deployed to realize this- if it actually did. But then we wouldn’t be locked behind the bars of suspense for too long; trying key after key of gesticulation to know what the Note 7 holds. This is as the phone’s official announcement is just August 2nd here.

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