Microsoft Overhauls its Bing for iPhone App to take on Google

Microsoft is fully embarking on an overhaul of its Bing for iPhone app today. While most search queries are known to happen within the confines of the browser or Spotlight feature of iOS, Microsoft is very upbeat on its optimism about people downloading a powerful separate app to search the web in the absence of Google.


The new Bing for iPhone app performs excellently well at providing relevant results which are much more than just a list of text or Wikipedia links. For films, Bing brings out a list of their Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings, as well as even iOS apps in the likes of Netflix or iTunes where you have the avenue to rent or purchase titles.

It even has the intelligence to take out options for Spotify for artists like Taylor Swift that keep their latest albums off the premises of most streaming services.


Bing for iPhone will perform the procedures of launch for the actual apps in the case where you click the Netflix, Twitter, YouTube, or any other app icons. For the fact that it is a deep link it will also open the needed profile page, movie, or song that you were really looking for. For sure, there is less to argue as to the fact that this is more useful than Google’s own iOS app, which lazily loads them within itself instead of taking a better route of connecting up to the native iOS apps.

It also doesn’t take much time to search, the search could be for images, simple web queries or even maps. This is a web-based app, but it actually it doesn’t really feel like. When we bring this down to speed, it also does as well as a fast barcode scanner. You have the chance to point your camera at a QR code or barcode and it brings up a Bing search result for just any product you could have scanned.


All of these features certainly are welcomed developments, and there is little doubt as to their ability to rival Google’s iOS app, but these would drag a bigger sense inside the new Cortana app for iPhone. Microsoft at this time is testing Cortana for iOS, but having both apps seems just like a duplicated effort. “The reality is that we don’t think about it that way.

We really do think of Cortana as your digital personal assistant,” explains Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s general manager of search. “Reaching into search, and reaching into Bing to provide great answers to questions, that’s a big part of her promise, but it’s certainly not her only promise.”


Bing also powers a lot of Apple’s iOS search. It brings in a big helping hand with some distinct Siri queries and even with web results for Spotlight. Microsoft’s new Bing iOS app is separate to that work. “We continue to have a great partnership with Apple,” says Gavin.

“This is really just a reflection of our work across search, across platforms.” While this will only be available for the iOS platform today, and limited to the US, Microsoft is working to Bring it to Android in the future. “We don’t have a date to share, but we’re working on it,” says Gavin.

If you’re interested in trying out Bing for iOS then it’s available from Apple’s App Store.

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