Microsoft brings a “secretary” to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Android: Introducing the “tell me” feature

Microsoft has officially made updates to its, Excel, Word as well as PowerPoint apps. This update introduces a feature on Android tagged “Tell Me”. The essence of this feature is the functionality it brings in taking a huge load off you in finding just what you are searching for – this could possibly be a feature of the application or even any action at all that you intend performing.

Microsoft brings a "secretary" to  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Android: Introducing the "tell me" feature

While a good number of us are really good at apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, it doesn’t remove the fact that they basically remain complex programs. The sad reality is that at some odd intervals, we are lost as to finding some distinct tools so as to carry out some particular actions on these apps. Don’t even forget that people still take full courses just to come to grasp these very applications.

Let me put in here that this very “Tell Me” feature is not really that new (for some time now, it is has been an innate feature of Office Online), the new thing here is that it is being rolled out to the Android apps now. You could enjoy the services of the app by simply tapping the light bulb icon which appears in the upper right corner.

It is even easier assessing this light bulb icon by tapping on the “A” and pencil icon on the top of the interface, after this you can now select the light bulb. There is admittedly more convenience for tablet users, this is because they have increased space on their hands. Tab owners can very conveniently locate the light bulb icon straight on the top-right corner.

So now you don’t need to laboriously fizzle about certain tasks when on Word or Excel per say on Android. All you need do is reach out for the Tell Me light bulb and get illuminated on the desired procedures.

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