Make Money Online With Google Hot Trends

I will be sharing with you today on how you can make money online with Google search engine. You may be wondering how that can be possible. It is easy and possible. Making money with Google can be done by anybody that knows how to use Google to perform search. Making money with Google doesn’t cost a dime; all you need is a little time. Google will provide you with 80% of the tools you will need to start making money online, and with one of its free tools, making money online will be certain. Though thousands of people use this for research every day, few of them actually know how to harness the power of this fantastic tool to create an online revenue system, in matter of minutes that can last for a long time.

If you haven’t figured out what I am talking about, it’s “GOOGLE HOT TRENDS”! The same search tool you use to find what’s hot, and what people are talking about. By now, I know you’re interested! So let’s go to the point. Here is a step by step guide on how to use Google Hot Trend to make money fast with Google.


1. Search

First thing you need to do is going to Google hot trend. There is a search box you can use to find the hot trends, or simply look below the search box and you will see” Today’s Hot Trends “. That’s a list of all the hot subjects that people are searching for. According to Google Labs (hot trend is their product) the information provided by Trends is updated daily, and Hot Trends is updated hourly. Pick couple of hot trends that are marketable. What I mean by that, is a trend that there can be something sold related to it. Here is an example- after his death; Michael Jackson was the hot trend for couple of days. Do you know how many t-shirt, hat, books, picture, cd and etc, were sold within hours of his death? That’s what I means by marketable. It doesn’t have to be physical either. There are many e-books and such that can be sold. An example of that would be Weight Loss E-Books or Making Money Online E-Books.

2. Product

Now you need to find related product to sell. the easiest and fastest way would be using affiliate marketing networks. Such as clickbank, shareasale. (if you don’t have an account with these networks already, registration takes les than a minute, and yes its free). Head on over to your affiliate accounts and search their market place for product you’re looking for. Register and get your affiliate link for each product. clickbank is a faster way to do this, because you don’t need to register for individual advertisers, you just click on the “create a hop link”, and you will be provided with your affiliate link.

3. Blog

Get a blog at wordpress or blogger, both are free. i suggest blogger for two reason. set up is very quick, and since its a product of google, you wont have to worry much about promoting your blog and getting indexed.(yes, google loves blogger). when naming your blog, use a related keyword to the product you want to sell. for example, LoseWeightFast would be a great domain name for a weight loss product.

4. Content

If you are good and want to, you can write a quick article about the product. nothing to long or boring. just a quick review. if you don’t want to do that for whatever reason, simply go to articlebase or any other free article directory. search for an article about your product. you can use any article to publish it on your blog, as long as you don’t claim it as your article, and leave the link and the name of the author intact. now use a bold colorful text in the middle, top, bottom or anywhere you think will draw attention, to put your affiliate link for the product.

5. Traffic

Here is your last but most important step. you created a blog, have a product ready to sell and have a nice article to draw people to it. but nobody knows where to find it. yep, now you need to promote your blog. use your Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Hi 5 or any other social networking you use, to put a link to your blog there, and let people know about it, submit your blog to blog directories, submit to search engines and etc. read this for more ways to get people to visit your blog, 61 free and easy ways to get quality traffic to your site.

6. Money

The only thing left to do is, check your clickbank or sharasale account to see how much you have made. that’s it. a fast way to make easy money with google. it takes less than 2 hour to setup this whole thing, but the money will be coming for a long time.

When choosing product to sell, make sure you pick something new or something without to many big competitors selling it already.
Some trends die off quickly, and some keep on being the hot topic for a while. if a trend is not paying off, move on to the next one.
Put as much effort as you can into getting traffic to your blog. the more people come to your blog, the more chances you have for selling the product. Not every product you pick, is going to sell. but do your research to pick one that is most likely to sell.

It doesn’t cost you anything but time. so if you have free time, why not create more blogs for different products.

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