If You Know These 7 Little Secrets You Will Make Money Online Quicker

If you want to start making any form of income online, and want the real truth, then you need to read this carefully.



Because what you are about to read will not only save your time money and energy. Most of the secrets you’ll discover in this short article are SIMPLE…and perhaps because of that …can be easily dismissed.

I pray you don’t.

Some of these tips took me up to 4 years to discover. I wish I knew then when I started. It would have saved me time, money and a whole lot of stress.

Hopefully this article will help YOU.

Here are some of them.

  1. No Overnight Success

I have often gotten emails from people with these words.

“I don’t have money, I am broke, please show me an online business that will make me N100 000 in 1 month.”

Some people even say they want a way to make N100 000 in a week.

When I get emails like this…I shake my head because people who send these emails don’t really know the basics. They have a wrong mind-set.

Here’s the thing.

Making money online is not a get rich scheme.

Expecting to start something today and make millions in 2 weeks …is an illusion.

It is possible but very unlikely. Especially for a total newbie.

There are no magic buttons online where you click and clean crispy $100 bills come flooding from the screen of laptop.

So please kill the wrong mind-set.

The truth is a real business needs to setup and needs to grow to really make money.

People, who can make huge sums in a week, have other things in place.

For newbies, this is unlikely to happen.

  1. Sell Something

As simple as this may sound…this is the secret to creating wealth online.


Sell your own product or service.

Sell other peoples products and services as an affiliate.

SELL. Sell. Sell.

That’s why websites selling advertisement make cash.

That’s why people sell information products.

That’s why people selling freelance services on Fiverr and other freelancing websites, make cash.

That’s why I sell lots of information products.

If you want to make money online…SELL something.

NEVER forget that.

  1. Invest In Your Education And Business

Making money online requires making investments.

You have to invest money, time and energy.

You need to spend money on web hosting, domain names, softwares, trainings and even coaching.

You have to make some investments to success online.

So if you have the mind set of doing nothing and money starts flying into your account, then you are gonna waste time and money.

You will struggle and eventually fail.


You can’t make money online without getting a good education on online business.

That’s why I invest in courses, softwares and services.

I even have trainings for newbies too.

  1. Focus

It’s easy to jump from idea to idea, business model to business model. I made this mistake when I started. I tried everything possible and because of that could not go far.

You need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Focus on 1 business model.

Focus on 1 niche.

Then push it till you succeed.

If you jump around, you will likely fail.

Only move to the next thing when you succeed with one already.

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  1. Network With Others

I have always thought I could make money online by just bulldozing through things and doing it all alone.


The reality is way different.

You need people to buy your products and services.

You need people to help you out sometimes.

You need people to guide you as mentors and coaches.

You need people to network with.

Frankly, I knew this late.

But networking is important to succeed online.

So join Facebook groups with fellow marketers. Connect with people on Facebook and on other social media websites.

All of these will help you make money online.

  1. Build an audience

This is the most important thing to do online.

Build your audience.

Build your list.

It does not matter what business you are in.

It Does Not Matter If You Run An Offline Business; You Need To Build An Audience.

You can build an audience in many ways.

  1. Get your audience into a Facebook group.
  2. Build an email list
  3. A list of phone numbers

Just make sure you have a way to reach your audience easily.

That’s how to make steady sales.

  1. Know How To Sell

This is bloody important too.

You see, most people hate the word “selling”.

It makes them cringe like they just saw a terrifying sight.

Some people hate selling and marketing with a passion.

Well, if you want to really make money online or offline…then you need to embrace selling.


Because without knowing how to sell, you won’t make sales.

As Long As You Sell Something …YOU Need To Know How To SELL.

You just HAVE to KNOW it.


If you must sell something to make money online…then you MUST KNOW how to sell anything properly.

And no…selling is not just about writing dumb adverts.

That’s where proper marketing and copywriting comes in.

So learn how to persuade people to BUY.

Spend time and energy on copywriting.

The end.

So if you are struggling to make money online, I bet you don’t have most of the 7 things listed about. Make a change.

Thank you

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