Screenshots of 10 Famous Websites When they Launched

Have you ever thought how the famous websites of today looked when they were first launched? Websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, CNN, Wikipedia & others look have tremendously change when compared to their first look in their earliest incarnations.


Today, I have compiled the screenshot of 10 famous websites look when they were launched. The websites are: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, Apple, BBC and Myspace.

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Is the Internet Bad for Your Health? ==> Launched in 1996

Google.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 2004

Facebook.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 2006

Twitter.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 1999

Blogger.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 1991

Yahoo.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 2005

Youtube.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 2001

Wikipedia.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 1987 (1996 ScreenShot)

Apple.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 1997

BBC.Com-ScreenShot ==> Launched in 2003

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