iPhones to get new haircut:New iPhone could rock glass casing reveals key supplier to Apple

…..The current iPhone models all carry metal casings.

In an already congested market, pressure is mounting on Tim Cook to sew new clothes for iPhones. The need for the technological tailoring to give iPhone new robes is getting more pressing as metal casing has become too common a regalia shared by too many smartphones. iPhone sales are already staggeringly with iPhone is becoming sandwiched in the crowd having failed to stand out hence the desperate need for iPhone to rock new cosmetics.

iPhones to get new haircut:New iPhone could rock glass casing reveals key supplier to Apple

Now according to reports from the chief executive of Catcher Technology, a major supplier of Apple,Apple Inc. looks poised to make a strategic deviation of iPhone casings to glass. As of now, Apple used metal casing. Apple wants a new structural countenance, hence the need for fresh make up.

There has been very ripe rumours across the media from Catcher Technology, the Taiwanese metal casing maker could suffer a loss of Apple business this 2017 to come to China’s Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology, which is already engaged in supplying glass screen covers for iPhones.

“As far as I know, only one [iPhone] model will adopt glass casing next year,” Horng who is the chief executive of Catcher Technologu revealed to reporters after the annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. “I don’t think this move will have an impact on Catcher’s revenue as glass casing still needs a durable metal frame which requires advanced processing technology and would not be cheaper than the current model.”

Yet Horng maintains there will be no Apple handsets making use glass-only casings absent the support of metal frames next year.

Catcher Technology Chairman Allen Horng went further to divulge details that just one iPhone model will carry a glass casing in the year to come.

One big reason for this possible shift of Apple to glass casings is the need to tailor new unique looks for iPhones in a smartphone market which is already getting overcrowded, according to Jeff Pu, who is an analyst at Yuanta Investment Consulting.

“Apple’s decision would definitely hurt Catcher while giving a major boost to Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology,” said Pu.

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