iPhone 8 Might Let You Activate Siri with the Sleep/Wake Button

It appears the Apple fever is eternal. After the rave and tension about the iPhone 7, we are now moving onto the next one, the big one. The iPhone 8 precisely. The iPhone8 is now the center of attraction. It is even that sad that those who have the iPhone 7 are already peering their necks at the news, salivating what the iPhone 8 would be bringing on board.


And surely we have some news on board pertaining to the iPhone 8. It appears from reports reaching us that Apple may bring in a feature that allows you activate Siri with the wake button (same as the sleep button). We already know the next iPhone will be rid of a physical home button. So the engineers at Apple have been racking their heads as to how they would trigger Siri considering the upcoming absence of the physical sleep button. So it appears the new design will make it possible for Siri to be activated with the power button or the wake button. Developers seem to have hit the secret of triggering Siri by holding the lock button.

We are quite assured that Apple’s preferred approach for users to relate with Siri is by means of vocal communication popularly through the “Hey Siri” cliche. Yet we can say that it could be refreshing to wake your Siri without really talking to it.

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