iPhone 7 Plus to Boast Dual Rear Cameras

It seem we could be expecting a giant leap in quality and tech in one of the world’s most popular cameras: a fresh report is thrusting forth the revelations that Apple is harboring plans as to the introduction of dual rear cameras in its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus to Boast Dual Rear Cameras

Reports from AppleInsider indicate that this news comes from KGI Securities’s Ming-Chi Kuo, which happens to be one of the world’s foremost Apple analysts. Kuo mentions strongly that the technology stems from Apple’s acquisition of LinX in April 2015. If you remember LinX was an Israeli startup immersed in producing multi-camera modules with promises to give phones DSLR-esque performance.

LinX had its hand working on multi-camera modules so as to enable smartphones “DSLR performance.”In a report which was shared with investors earlier this week, Kuo reveals his solid expectation opening the door to a possible Apple release of an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sometime further this year. A possibility here is that the iPhone 7 will feature a standard single iSight camera in the back, Kuo believes the iPhone 7 Plus will be prospectively offered in 2 versions: one with with a dual-camera design and the other one with a single camera module.

The two cameras on the special iPhone 7 Plus will sport 12-megapixel sensors according to Kuo but one camera will be fully assigned to a wide-angle view and then the other will have a 2-3x telephoto lens.

iPhone 7 Plus to Boast Dual Rear Cameras

When you bring the and capabilities and views of the two cameras together, this could bring forth advantages which includes like resolution, zoom, and depth of field. According to Mac Rumors reports, it is possible to see enhanced low-light performance, limited noise, as well as 3D depth mapping.

We can’t definitely say this will happen 100% though, for now they are rumours–solid rumours at least.

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