iPhone 7 Could Feature Fingerprint-Activated Panic Button

The iPhone7 maintains its strong continuity as a mighty focus of speculations with the tech community prophesying its possible upcoming features. And now, a new likely feature has popped up as a freshly-released patent application filed by Apple suggests a possible feature to come with the iPhone7. The patent brings to focus a panic button which of could be at once activated via the press of the user’s fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor.


Keeping data secure with iPhone 7

The patent application was well spotted as it was filed in May 2014 and a year later, it earned its approval this week. It tells us about the mode in which Apple’s Touch ID sensor could be used as a panic button. When you activate the mode, the data on the iPhone 7, or any handset it’s used on, would assume an inaccessible mode.

Apple had first put forward the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S. During that span of time, it was used in unlocking the phone and then in the verification of the identity of the user for iTunes purchases. At present, the sensor is seen on the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6S models alongside the latest iPad models.

iPhone 7 would still unlock

When the smartphone has activated the panic mode, the smartphone would still unlock. The user’s data would be now enabled with added security via the activation of panic mode, tending to disable some functions of the smartphone.

An instance of this is that the iPhone 7 would not present contact information, even photos, or emails. Also this function has the capacity to activate the microphone or camera to reveal the identity of the person trying to use the phone and even transfer the video or audio to law enforcement in some advanced cases.


Apple has pointed out that the patent was a product of a move for added security as valuable smartphones are more attractive becoming to hooligan for the sake of the treasure trove of personal information they hold. iPhones in particular have been a well-prized emphatic focus for thieves owing to their high resale value.

Apple has already put in place some security features beef up protection against the possible theft of iPhones , among which is the likes of Find My iPhone feature, which can be used through iCloud. Also Activation Lock will increase the difficulty for thieves to use or preferably resell the device by disabling it.

Well we can only fold our holds and wait as a patent for the technology does not fully guarantee that it will surely make it into an Apple device, be it the iPhone 7 or another device.

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