iPad mini 2019: Probably the best iPad ever

The choice that Apple has made to upgrade its iPad mini since its last upgrade in the year 2015 came as a surprise to all when the company made the announcement as many had presumed that the product line had died. Since recent events have shown phones to be built in bigger sizes, it did seem as a wise thing to do – not upgrading the tablets. Our sources have tested the new iPad mini 2019 and they wonder why it took the company so long to build it as they claim that it’s a magnificent product.

When on a journey, the iPad mini qualifies for what one might call a “perfect companion”. Having the device on one’s person while travel does represent the idea of travelling with little baggage.

The iPad mini in case you don’t know has a 7.9-inch screen size, an aspect ratio of 4:3 giving it broader portrait bearings. Apps in the iPad make use of iPad layouts and as such they get a little benefit using multiple columns and pop-overs, and iOS for iPad enables the user to multitask without any hitches.

For those who are wondering, there are tons of stuff you can do with an iPad especially the iPad mini 2019. In comparison with every other iPad, it happens to be the best one to read eBooks as you are able to hold it in one hand easily. It does not best other iPads when you think of watching videos, but it is better than many devices if you consider browsing on the internet, getting updates from news apps, looking up Google Maps, and photo editing. Also, the battery is the best iPad battery so far.

The first iPad version had a screen with low-resolution, iPad mini 2 upgraded to having a Retina display, however, the panel reproduced colour in a poor fashion and that was the same issue shared by the iPad Air which came later that year. When iPad mini 3 came, it only added a Touch ID as an upgrade to the former models and even though iPad mini 4 produced a better colour as well as a laminated screen, the processor of the device was outdated by one year when it finally got to the market. It was the iPad Air 2 that had a more improved outlook and better software.

Furthermore, the iPad mini 2019 has a Pencil support, True Tone, and an A12 processor (the same processor that is being used by the recent iPhone XS).

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