Lenovo flaunts world’s first foldable PC

For a long time, mobile devices producing companies have been trying to introduce the idea of phones that can be folded, however, recent events have shown us that the device industry are not planning to stop at that point. Lenovo has just made a big announcement; the company calls this device the world’s first foldable PC. This is a ThinkPad model that assumes the foldable technology and applies it on a bigger measure.

Lenovo has for the time span of more than three years been working on this PC and it plans to launch next year under the same brand with its premium ThinkPad X1. The major objective the company aims at achieving is a device that will function as a laptop rather than an auxiliary computer like say, a tablet.

You might be wondering why Lenovo will want to produce a foldable PC. What more can be the proper answer to that question rather than the matter of building a portable device? This is an entire opposite of what Samsung and Huawei intends to achieve. On their own part, they want to make a device that’s the size of a phone and make it bigger, while Lenovo intends to make its ThinkPad smaller.

The foldable PC is 13.3 inches, has 4:3 2K OLED display which is foldable to the size of a book with hardcover. Having spoken to Lenovo, our sources say that the company put the device’s weight at less than 2 pounds. However, you do not get to see this reduction in size until the device has been folded.

After an observation of the device, our sources reported that the screen of the device folds indeed in support of the company’s claim and Windows works perfectly on it. One thing that may present a challenge is how to get the software and other apps to run properly in a screen that folds. At this point, the folding system does not yet appear durable on the test model, the screen currently has poor viewing angles, and there’s also the issue of shifting colours when you look at the screen from even slight angles (something that is common for foldable screens). We hope these issues will be handled before the finished product is ready.

The device can be put on from its side and you could use it in the form of a laptop as you can operate the lower surface as a digital keyboard. For now, we have no information regarding precisely when the device will be launched, or the price of the device. All the specs we have for now show that the device runs Windows, has an Intel CPU, is charged with USB-C. It could be used like a tablet, not folded, or folded like a book and it comes with a kickstand that will enable you support the display in any case you want to use it on a table and it has a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

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