New features of iOS 13 arriving with iPhone 11

According to the information that has been fed us by our sources, the world is only less than a month away from having being introduced to iOS 13. The reports we got tell us that this new version of operating system for Apple-designed mobile devices will be released together with iPhone 11 in the month of September.

iOS 13 which has been given the codename “Yukon” comes with a measure of upgrades from Apple’s previous iOS 12. One of this new features is a Dark Mode with a “black and heavy-grey interface” which the user of the iPhone can enable from the Control Centre. The Dark Mode also features a different widgets panel at the left side of the home screen, some new animations that in part closes apps and launches multitasking.

One other thing that the iOS 13 provides for its users as an additional benefit is a better looking home screen as well as a more-developed interface for multitasking. Furthermore, users get to use diverse versions of the same app on their iPads, and it should work much like tabs on macOS and Windows 10.

The majority of iOS 13’s other improvements arrive as part of existing apps or features, but like last year’s release, Bloomberg believes that the update will also reduce the number of bugs and speed up both old and new iPhones.

For those who are not aware, Apple is making an attempt to make some upgrades to iMessage that are influenced by WhatsApp. Finally, iMessage will now make provisions for its users to set profile pictures, display names and select who gets to view it. To put stickers to more and better use, the company is working on a menu in the conversation panel that can send sticker versions of Animojis and Memojis.

While on the topic of conversations, it’s worth pointing out that Apple is also preparing an upgrade to its keyboard. Like third-party alternatives, a new keyboard option should be available to iOS 13 users that allows them to swipe across letters to type out words, rather than pressing the keys individually.

An upgrade is coming to Safari which will allow users to view the history of their downloads. There’s a new keyboard app, an enhanced Files app which works smoothly with third-party software. Maps is also getting an update which will allow users set frequent locations and navigate to them easily. More apps that will be getting an upgrade include; Reminders app, Health app, Apple Books app, and Mail app.

There’s also a new feature in Screen Time which will give parents ability to reduce who their children can contact at a certain time during the day and a new app that combines Find my Friends and Find my iPhone in one.

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