How to watch videos at faster speeds

No one ever said that it was compulsory to watch videos at their default speed. In case you are one to get bored easily while watching a video, here’s how you can make the video go faster. You can apply this to a local video, YouTube video, or even Netflix when you’re browsing with Chrome.

Speed up YouTube videos

If you’re on YouTube, click on the cog icon when you are playing a video and then select “Speed.” There are various speed levels leading up to 2x which means two times the normal speed. And of course, there are even slower speeds for you to select from.

You can also browse through some other video streaming platforms to see if they have a means of controlling video speed.

Speed up Netflix and Other In-Browser Videos

Netflix is the same with any other form of video streaming service in that it does not come with a playback speed option as an added feature. So in this case, you can employ the use of a browser extension called Video Speed Controller to provide any website with the option to dictate the video speed you fancy.

The Video Speed Controller extension includes a window at the top-left corner of the video you’re streaming and gives you the ability to adjust speed. Once installed, all you have to do is move to the top-left corner of the video stream to check out the panel.

Click on the + or – icons to increase or reduce the speed by 10%. Also you can click on << and >> to skip forth and back through the video just in case that your browsers don’t have that feature built-in.

Head to the extension options. This you do by right-clicking the extension icon on your browser toolbar and then selecting “Options”. Defaultively, you can press D on your keyboard to increase speed or S to reduce the speed.

By so doing, you remove the window that appeared totally and then you can press a few keys to increase your video speed or reduce it.

The bad news is that this does not function on smartphones, tabs, Roku or any other streaming device. Except the app for these services have a support for increasing video speed.

Speed Up Local Videos With VLC

If the video you are watching are already locally saved on your PC, you can increase video or even audio speed with VLC media player.

To do this, open the file using VLC media player. Right-click on the screen, and then select Playback, then Speed, and finally Faster. The option Faster (fine) although increases the video by a small amount.

On the keyboard, keep pressing ] to increase speed until you reach a limit you’re okay with. However, [ will reduce the playback speed until it returns to default.

Re-Encode the Video Files

Another thing you can try is rip DVDs to video files on your computer with HandBrake and speed the files up, this will modify each video and cause them to play at faster speeds.

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