Introducing Cabana: Tumblr’s app that let you enjoy videos together with your buddies in real time

Tumblr has been one of the most entertaining communities in the digital space. And to consolidate its place in a world tilting towards mobile, Tumblr is reluctant to let go and slide into the backstage hence rolling in Cabana. Tumblr is embellishing itself with the Cabana app. This app gives you the avenue to enjoy watchin videos in company of your pals in real time.

So let us say Kemi is in a “room” with five of his friends in cabana, he has the option of sharing videos from other visual content services like Youtube. Now with Cabana, he has the avenue to watch these videos syncing these videos in real time with his buddies. The cabana app from Tumblr works in such way that Kemi and his friends can also video chat among themselves with all their faces appearing on the screen of Cabana. Kemi as well as any of his friends has the capacity to change what they are watching as well as pause what they are watching being in the same room (although one person can only be in one room at a time). It is very possible to evict yourself from a room and rejoin the room at your relish. In the case where you migrate to using another app in course of playing the video in real time, you will be “put on pause”.

The Cabana is really exciting. According to Tumblr, cabana brings “the experience of being together while you’re apart”.At the moment, Cabana has been released on iOS,and by next month we should be seeing it on Android.

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