Comparing iOS and Android: Two important areas where iOS beats Android

Android and iOS are the Ronaldo and Messi of mobile operating systems. Virtually every phone you come across these days either runs Android or iOS. The two operating systems are unique in themselves being very different from each other. Well, let us look at some of the areas where iOS beats Android.


iOS and Android devices get their updates in very different ways. On the Android side, we see that Google whom is responsible for android deploys Play Services to take on the role of managing much of its security as much of the parts of the application compatibility of Android. On the other hand, iOS updates don’t normally include all the previous models. Yet the updates of iOS supersede that of Android.

The thing is when Google enacts an update, it is only phones which have Google support at the moment that can really access those updates. But we know this is just a little fraction of the existing android devices we have out there today generally. Google can’t easily coerce other companies to distribute updates. This is majorly because Google doesn’t really build android, it majorly disseminates source code to company that build it themselves. Thus there is no denying that updates are handled on iOS better than they are on Android.


This is another place where iOS bests Android. The truth is AppleCare is so lovely. In the circumstance where a problem arises with your iPhone, you could easily stroll down to a Apple store and AppleCare takes care of it for you. This is not possible for Android for the fact that many companies operate Android so they all have their separate customer care services. But the fact that one company which is Apple is in charge of everything as iOS support makes it better.

So these are two areas where iOS gets the better of Android. But in face of these comparisons, it is important to maintain that neither the choice of iOS or Android is worse or really better than the other. Each has their peculiarities and wonderful in their respective ways.

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