Instagram may be testing a mute button and a few other new features

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, it seems as though Instagram may be getting a mute button and a bunch of other features. We received some reports that Instagram has been running some tests on a few new features.


When we reached Instagram for some information regarding the apparent tests, the company said that it didn’t “have anything to share on this right now.” Even though they are not confirmed at the moment, it is really gratifying to imagine that they are legitimate and that Instagram is thinking about making a few improvements to its platform.

One of the major update features users should be expecting is one that allows for reaction to stories. As it appears, people could be able to react in real time, based off laughing smilies users tend to see above the Stories from their friends and/or followers. Also, there is a button that allows for the use of an emoji in responses kind of like making use of stickers in iMessage.

Another feature users should expect is a slow-mo recording mode. All vloggers love the slow-mo mode, therefore there is every tendency that they would appreciate this new feature especially those who don’t rely on the built-in slow-mo features of their phones and also those who have older phones that have no slow-mo mode.

A third feature update is a mute button for profiles. This would almost certainly function like Twitter’s mute button which silences people from your feed. The difference between this mute button and that of Twitter however is that it doesn’t require you to unfollow those people, thus making you look like you still care even though you don’t.

The fourth feature is an Instagram Stories’ calendar archive view. When you take a look at your Instagram archive at the moment, you will basically see a grid of all your old stories. The problem with this archive is that it is not that easy to navigate. On this note, the calendar view comes in to cater for this problem – making it easy for one to navigate through their stories easily.

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