Instagram’s video chat and new custom AR filters

At the last F8 developers conference, Facebook made an announcement of an entirely different package of Instagram features that may give a significant impression on how the social media platform for sharing photos will make you appear. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, these features have already been made available on both iOS and Android beginning from the day Instagram launched IGTV. Among the features includes a new video chatting feature, custom augmented reality filters designed by third parties like celebrities and influencers, as well as the new redesign of the Explore tab.

The video chat can be started from the Direct tab on Instagram with one person but if one wants to chat with more than one person, they can do so, but the group the individual wants to chat with must not exceed four people. Note that the video chat will only work with people who are already active on your Direct thread, eliciting response from both sides. A person that has been blocked or muted cannot video chat with you. The Explore redesign on the other hand, turns the search tab into an area focused on various topics in categories such as animals, architecture.

The custom AR filters on its own part is the most interesting update. In this update, Instagram is allowing third parties create filters and the ones being launched begin with Ariana Grande, NBA, and Buzzfeed. As is with Snapchat lenses that popularized the AR-style camera effects, the new Instagram filters offers the ability to augment a photo or selfie with virtual effects and objects. Also, if you happen to notice an AR filter used on an image or video in the Story of another individual, Instagram is including an option that allows you add it to your own personal effects toolkit so you too can use it.

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