Instagram, testing feature that lets public accounts to remove followers

If the Instagram account you have is public, you have no way of stopping people from taking a look at your feed. It doesn’t matter if you had someone blocked, all they have to do is login with a private browser to view your photos. Be that as it may, Instagram is working to provide users with a way to more directly control their list of followers. The company is at the moment testing the ability for users to remove their followers manually just by tapping.

Instagram users who have private accounts have for a long time had the ability to remove followers and cut off their access to content. However, people who have public accounts have also been given the opportunity to manually remove their followers. Since the past few months, we have been getting reports of the “remove follower” feature and according to our sources, they will be made available to a wider range of users on Android. When we reached out to Instagram for more details, the company refused to provide any more information concerning the feature.

The reasons you may want to remove your followers could be numerous. For instance, you may not enjoy having your old friends or partners have so much detail regarding your life. Whether you block or unblock a person, you ultimately get the same result in the end, however, with this new feature, the embarrassment that comes with blocking and unblocking is evaded.

According to Instagram, this new feature does not notify people you remove that they have been removed.

Late in May this year, Instagram released a “mute” feature which allows one to still follow people while at the same time totally ignoring their posts and stories. The reason for releasing this feature was to avoid quarrels with people a user knows in real life.

To check if you have the Remove Follower function, head to your profile page, tap on followers, and then by the right of a user’s name, you will find an icon with three vertical dots. When you tap the icon, you will get a prompt to remove someone.

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