Samsung’s new wireless charger, able to charge two devices simultaneously

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Samsung is getting ready to launch a two-in-one charger known as Wireless Charger Duo for its smartphones and the soon to arrive Galaxy Watch. The packaging for this new charger had been leaked before the Unpacked press conference which is supposed to be held at Barclays Centre on the 9th of August by Samsung.

The Wireless Charger Duo box depicts that it has the ability to charge two Qi-compatible mobile phones at the same time or one phone and the Galaxy Watch. Each placement area on the charger allows for fast charging. Rumours we have received state that the soon to come Galaxy Note 9 has 4,000mAh battery capacity, which is probably why Samsung has registered a new wireless charger that is capable of improving on the wireless fast charge capabilities that recent Galaxy smartphones have. Although, we are not entirely certain if the Wireless Charger Duo will have that higher output capability as of yet.

Our sources report that the Wireless Charger Duo will be making an appearance as Apple is still working on its AirPower mat whose announcement the company first made in September last year at its iPhone event. Since chargers that are able to charge two devices are somewhat common relatively, Apple says its AirPower will be able to charge three devices all at the same time such as an iPhone, AirPod, and Apple Watch. In June this year, our sources said that Apple encountered “a series of technical hurdles” while it was developing AirPower one of which was, making sure that the charging mat does not overheat and the other being its ability to work with its “complex” circuitry.

Samsung’s Icon X earbuds at the moment do not support wireless charging. However, if an individual is looking to get a Galaxy Note 9 and a Galaxy Watch, you will find the Wireless Charging Duo to be a pretty useful accessory.

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