6 Realistic Tips to Improve Your Memory and Recall

Try these tips to improve your memory and recall ability. They are easy and realistic!


The brain is not really that too fumigated for the pest of time not to eat the information you store there. Truly memory just like a fridge reliant wholly on PHCN, it is that unreliable and it is no news that some things we store there get rotten and we start forgetting. It is only as normal as it is common, if your brain leaks, getting a “mental plumber” to come fix the leakage is no big deal. There is now a fat chunk of memory enhancing activities that could make your memory one assured cold-room where you could keep decomposable information; and yet not forget!

One is chunking. Keeping aggregate stock of information rather than in pieces helps better. It could be easier remembering 68,786,509 rather than 6,8,7,8,6,5,0,9. Researches have proven that this chunking strategy helps a generous lot through early Alzheimer.

Another winning memory formation is the use of mnemonics. This really helps a lot. Keping ROYGBIV in your head is way easier that memorizing individually the orderly colours of the spectrum or rainbow. How about the order of taxonomy, Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach is a safer memory container than attempting to store individually Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species!

Attaching meaning is a handsome plus. Try to assist names with correspondent meaning. For example, if you want to remember that the fattening foods you hope to buy when you go on shopping like beef, cheese, butter once you remember a very fat friend of yours called Bob! Bob sparks a plump intuition into you helping you remember what foods are the tenants of his intimidating stomach.

Repetition could be as well important. Familiar sounds tends to be the landlords of our memory as they don’t easily leave. Do you know you could feel a memory spark when you hear a sound that you were regularly hearing like ten years ago?

Writing down is one bomb. We all know one embassy through information could get visas to stay in our memory for long is writing down! Aside that, it is powerful reference point for you when your memory goes rusty.

How much have you thought of the number 7? As you try to store information in your short-term memory, consider that scientists have proven that the average capacity of our short-term memory is 7. So you could be nominated for a Nobel Prize if you perfectly recollect a 17-item list accidentally!

Sure it is fun knowing that the hostels in our memory could be renovated and expanded. Do you think it is impossible for a 78 year old man to remember the colour of the socks his boss wore to work exactly seven months ago?

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