Facebook Expands Africa Push, Launches Internet.org App

Facebook expands Africa push by launching Internet.org app to let users access basic Internet services for free.

facebook launches internet.org app

The world is said to be a small global village now, but on a microscopic view, it would be realized that there are certain areas socially and technologically “quarantined” from the whole world. In this modern world, where a kid uses an ipad as his early learning slate, it would surprise you that in some areas of the world, browsing is scarce as a rosary in Mecca. Facebook is just beginning to creep into these seeming socially impervious areas.

In Zambia for example, only 15% of the 15m population could access the internet.

This is why Facebook through the internet.org organization aims to make internet available to very remote African and Asian areas where browsing is big luxury- promise someone a display of a 2 kilobytes internet page is enough brideprice!

Guy Rosen of internet.org explained, 85% of persons to whom the internet is not accessible, are in areas having just mobile phone coverage. Cost of the internet and relative awareness to the barns of knowledge available online has played a major role in keeping these persons of the digital streets of the internet.

internet dot org

This patient strategy is expected to resolve these deficiencies. Amongst a number of mobile operators in Africa, Airtel has been trying to alleviate the sad conditions. It has generously been offering free Facebook service to mobile users uncharged. Also in this juicy internet parcel, users would be able to access online services like job sites, Wikipedia, meteorological services, health awareness all without losing a weight of their purse i.e. free! Users would be warned when they jump the fences of this offer and venture into sites that are charge laden.

Although it is quite cool that Facebook is in the kitchen helping in cooking this generous delicacy.

This long time investment time is going to be a big harvest when ripe!

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