iOS 11.4 supports Messages in iCloud

Although it has been quite a while and this has long been expected, finally it is here. The debut of Messages in iCloud by Apple has been done as well as the launch of the iOS 11.4. The inclusion of Messages in iCloud had been announced for about one year now when the company for the first time demonstrated its iOS 11 at the WWDC last year. It was on the eve of announcing the iOS 12 that the launch of Messages in iCloud was made.

Even though there is a lot of things attached to it, the basic aims of the launch were to; make messages sync more appropriately over all devices be they old or new and also to have messages as well as their associated attachments like photos take up a bit less space on devices.

In order to enable Messages in iCloud, users will have to go to the Settings app. While on the Settings page, click on Apple ID, and on the Apple ID page, click on iCloud, and finally toggle Messages on. For security purposes, users must enable two-factor authentication, not doing this will automatically bring up a page containing steps to help users set it up. If you are using a Mac, go to the Messages app, and then click on Preferences. On the page, check the “Messages in iCloud” box to have it enabled. You will have to turn this on manually on every of your device that you want to use Message in iCloud with.

As it has been mentioned above, Messages in iCloud could take up more memory space on the iCloud storage. Theoretically, the backup for every device will be lesser as they will no longer carry most of the messages and attachments that users want to store locally, thereby providing enough space for the user to do whatever they wish to with it. however, the messages will take up space in iCloud and frankly it is still not clear how the net balance of storage will be. There is a probability that it may depend on the number of Apple devices you have and how large your backup for iMessage is. Be that as it may, it is worth being put into consideration, if you are on the 5GB plan of Apple.

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