Imagine The World Without The Internet [Infographic]

Just imagine the world without the internet. How will you feel? This world might have not been a better place to live in because to me I see internet as next important to Air. Internet is now everything to everyone, it’s what we do every time, I can’t just imagine it..


Most people have benefited from the internet. Internet has been a source of many things such as job, social networking and etc. It has created a virtual world for us. From the infographic shown below,it can be deduced that 3 million People in US are employed because of Internet. It is said that pictures speak better than words, so check the infographic below to get what this world could have become without internet.


Can you live this world without the internet? To me, the answer is NO. Am waiting for your answer via the comment box below if you could live this world without internet.

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