Huawei delays launch of foldable phone

According to the reports that have reached us from our sources, Huawei has held back the release of its foldable phone (Huawei Mate X) which a lot of people have been expecting to see since the company announced that it would be released. The company stated that it would no longer launch the phone this month, so we would have to wait till September.

Huawei while making a statement to some of our sources stated that it was now carrying out some further tests on the device to ensure that the device was ready and well prepped for release and the tech giant is taking serious precautions especially because the launch of the foldable device designed by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Fold failed. Although the Samsung Galaxy Fold was first introduced in the month of April, the company pushed back the shipping of the device until further notice since mobile devices that have been reviewed by a lot of outlets crashed only a few days later. On that note, Huawei’s spokesperson stated to our sources, “We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation”.

Be that as it may, what presents a greater challenge for Huawei is not in its in essence how reliable the relatively untested foldable technology is, rather it is the trade ban that has been placed on the company by the United States Government and the how the ban has affected it.

Ever since the company was put in the Entity List as it is called, firms in America have not been able to sell or license any technology to the company. This has brought up a lot of problems to the company and the top on that list is the lack of ability to license the full version of Google’s Android OS.

We have no way of knowing for certain if the Huawei Mate X will ship with Android by the time the device is shipped in September. One of sources claims that the mobile device will come with Android as the phone was already “launched before Huawei was placed on the Entity List” while another source is saying that the issue is still under discourse. Our sources have then jointly reached out to the Chinese tech giant for concise explanation.

If the phone doesn’t come with Android, then it may run on the mobile OS designed by Huawei which it has been working on for many years. A spokesperson of the company stated that the company has preference for Google’s Android OS, though “If we are forced to do it by ourselves, we are ready. We can do in the next six-to-nine months”.

The Mate X is an 8-inch OLED panel that can fold in two, it has 8GB RAM, three cameras, 5G support and it costs about €2,299 ($2,600).

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