HTC to launch its next Android flagship

HTC’s smartphone division is still functioning. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, HTC’s next major Android release now has a launch date and our best guess is that the new device will be the HTC U12 which has before now made a number of appearances. Images that have come before the launch show that the U12 won’t have a notch making it unique in comparison to the majority of Android flagships that we have seen this year.

This new Android flagship’s tagline is “a phone that is more than the sum of its specs,” this suggests that HTC is making an effort to distinguish itself in multiple ways other than the usual chase for the latest and most cracking hardware components. After having assumed the exploded view of components in the teaser image showing parts of the forthcoming device, we pieced together a few specs which include: a dual camera system for the back and another one for the front. The assumed U12 also seems to hold a card tray for microSD storage expansion, but it doesn’t appear to have a headphone jack which so happens to be a feature the company abandoned in the past year.

It is somewhat unusual for HTC to still want to move forward with promoting the smartphone arm of its business seeing as it had already sold most of its phone business to Google. But then again, designs of phones require a lot of years to realize and it is sensible to interpret this upcoming launch as well as any other that might follow later in the year as barely a completion of projects that were already in the pipeline when the deal to sell to Google was agreed upon. It is scheduled to come a week after the launch of the OnePlus 6 so it is safe to assume that the next flagship of the company (HTC) will face serious competition from an Android market that at this time has already been virtually refreshed with 2018 models.

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