How to find Contacts in the New Gmail

This week, the new Gmail started rolling out, however, a lot of people are asking the same question: where did Contacts go?

The previous version, now called “Classic Gmail,” had a drop-down at the top-left for people to quickly access Contacts and Tasks.

The new design adds Tasks to the new right side panel.

As for Contacts, there is no quick link anymore. But you can add one yourself by using the little-used app drawer at the top right as shown below

Click it and you’ll see a bunch of icons for various Google applications. If Contacts isn’t there, click the “More” button at the bottom.

You should find Contacts down here for sure.

You can click and drag to re-arrange icons in the drawer, so drag the Contacts icon to wherever it pleases you.

Now, you can quickly access Contacts by opening the app drawer, and then clicking the “Contacts” button.

Alternative: Just Use a Bookmark

The method we just talked about (using the drawer) opens Contacts in a new tab, which some people aren’t happy with. There’s no way to fix this within Gmail itself, but if opening Contacts on the same screen is really important to you, you can just create a bookmark for Contacts in your browser.

Google Contacts lives at, you can simply open the page and add it to your bookmarks bar this way you can open your contacts whenever you want.

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