HTC enjoys double monthly revenues for September

The public opinion is that things are not going well for HTC, even reports emerged that HTC was considering selling off only for the reports to fine tune into Google hiring HTC’s top engineers for a collaborative project. However HTC is not doing very badly as their financial statement for last month showed very healthy fortunes.

Announcements coming from HTC revealed that its revenue for last month more than doubled up. According to the official figures, released by HTC, revenue for the month of September grew to US$215 million exceeding a double of the revenue declared for the month of August.

Shipments to Google by HTC would probably have the major inspiration for the leap in fortunes for HTC. Especially as HTC played a fundamental role in the production of the Google Pixel 2. But it is not all yet galore for HTC as they are still on the losing side when yearly gains are calculated.

We expect more from HTC before the end of 2017 as we anticipate a range of HTC devices to be released this year especially for the U11 Plus expected to reduce heftily on the bezels composition.

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