How To Use 2go on PC | Computer

Want to start using 2go on your PC? It’s quite easy to get it running by following the procedures outlined below.


In one of my recent publications, i already shared the link to download 2go application on PC. You need to do that before you proceed.

Oh! I missed something. You have to register a 2go account before you proceed to download the application on your PC. Registration of 2go account can only be done via its mobile application. Go to to download on your mobile phone to register an account.

After registration, download the application on your PC. Follow the procedures outlined below.

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How To Use 2GO On PC/Computer

1. Firstly, you need to have an application installed on your PC called Java Runtime before you can use 2go on it. You can get it from HERE.

2. The next step now is to download 2go application software on your PC. Go to to download 2go on your PC. When you get to the page, you would be required to log in with your Phone Number, Country and 2go Password. If you entered the data required correctly, you should directly land on the software download page. Now locate and click on 2go logo as instructed to start the download process.

3. After a successful download of your 2go application, move the file to your desktop for quick access. Run the application and it will automatically download the full software to your PC for the first time within 10 seconds. After a successful installation, 2go micro emulator interface will launch automatically to begin the chatting process..

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