4 Simple Tips to Spot Online Frauds

There are so many fraudsters on the internet, and people thought spotting them could be difficult. But the good news is, you can easily spot online frauds with the 4 simple tips I unveiled in this post.

spot online scams

If you are a kind of person that believes in all the overnight success craps that floods the internet with promises as ‘you can be making $500 every hour, I will give you all the tools you need’.  You need a re-think. Some will show you their fat Cheques; some will even go to the extent of showing you their luxuries, with pictures of a big house with a Porsche in the garage.

I’ve never been freaked by the fat cheques displayed by the self-acclaimed gurus online. Most of them live by the philosophy of ‘act as if’ i.e. fake it till you make it. Moreover, they are good with photoshop to win ignorant peoples’ heart.

If any the four instances listed below are present in any online transaction, consider the transaction a fraud.

1. Overnight Success Promise:

Since most people hope and dream of getting rich without moving fingers, scammers prey on those hopes and dreams, they promise such people it is possible for them to achieve their dreams, but only if they comply with whatever they are required to do. Don’t subscribe to those become rich overnight scheme. They are all BS.

2. Not Reachable:

Online scammers are ghosts. Most of them are not reachable; they don’t open up any channel of communication. No phone number, Skype, social presence to contact them. If they are not reachable, why transact business with them?

3. Never Respond:

Some scammers can provide you with channels to contact them, but they don’t respond. They could provide you with as many communication channels as possible but no response. If you never receive emails or call back, beware!

4. Buy-now Statement:

Buy-now statements like ‘I can’t keep this information online forever, so you have 3 hours to make your choice’ is another sign of scam you should beware of. Scammers try to create a feeling of scarcity to make their item seem more valuable.

Bonus Hints:

  •  Scammer’s greatest weapon is you. Always keep your logic handy.   
  •  Before you decide to jump in, always search for reviews about the site or program. You can use Google to access negative reviews about a site or program by using this key word “<name of scam> scam”.

You can also add to the list by using the comments section.

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