How to Silence WhatsApp Group Notification Sounds

Not everyone likes to have to be notified when their friends on WhatsApp group chat decides to send a message in the group. There is a way to put those notification sounds to stop.

If you want to control all your group chats, what you need to do is change the way WhatsApp notifies you of new group messages.

  • Open WhatsApp and head to Settings > Notifications.

This is what it looks like on iOS.

On Android.

There quite a number of things that can be done here. For instance, you can change the sound of the notification by clicking Sound on iOS under Group notifications,

Or Notification Tone on Android, also under Group Notifications.

On iOS, you also have another option. If you turn off Show Notifications, you won’t even get a popup when you get a group message. This is probably a bit much though, unless you’re not in any groups you care about.

  • Select a new tone (including “None”), and then hit “Save” or “OK.”

If you select None, you will still get a notification when you get a group message, but it won’t make a sound. It’s a good fix if you don’t want to be annoyed by a dinging phone all the time. Alternatively, you can select a different notification tone. This way, you’ll still get a sound alert when you get a group message, but you’ll be able to tell if it’s not urgent.

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