How to Save Battery with iOS8

With all the challenges that life throws at you, (some you conquer, some you don’t), sometimes you just feel like your phone battery issues cannot… should not, be one of them. With having to pay bills, scaling the hectic traffic school, dealing with bosses, relationship drama to car issues then coming home to cook for the lover or family… its exasperating to have your phone give up on you when you need it the most. New OS’s and smart phones boast of longer life battery, however, we need them to last for… almost forever, and we are to cool to be carrying chargers around. So!, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service, shares a few tricks on how to save battery life on your iOS8 device.

  1. Turn Wifi off when not connected to a network. Leaving your wifi on is unnecessary and can affect battery life because the phone has to constantly search for networks to join. Also, turning automatic search off is definitely necessary for a longer battery life.
  2. Check what apps are using the most battery. On the new ios8, you can go to settings > general > usage > battery usage. This will let you know what apps are consuming the most battery. You can end these apps whenever you’re not using them.
  3. Stop background apps from refreshing. You really don’t need all your background apps to refresh and you can turn this off from settings > general > background app refresh. You can toggle the apps or turn it off completely.
  4. Turn off 4G LTE. Yes! I know it is lightning fast, but also it is a battery drainer. Except it is absolutely necessary for a particular task, you could turn it off.
  5. Location services. I know we all love to let everyone know where we are, but you should know that turning off location services for apps that don’t necessarily need them would impact your battery life positively.
  6. Disable push notifications. Not all apps need to send you push notifications. Apart from this clogging your notification and screen space, it dips into your battery life and lets face it, you ignore them most of the time.
  7. Turn off Bluetooth. Bluetooth is on by default on ios8. This reduces battery life. If you’re really not using it, simply slide up control center and then tap on Bluetooth icon for off.
  8. Disable airdrop. Airdrop uses both wifi and Bluetooth features of your phone. So, except you’re using it, turn it off by sliding up the control center and then tapping the airdrop icon for off.
  9. Reduce brightness. The truth is, your screen doesn’t have to be brighter than usual for you to see them, in fact, its better eye health that you reduce the brightness of your device screens, which will also save you battery life.

With these tricks, there is a higher chance that you will not have phone battery problems and so, you will get to live an easier life.

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