How to Make Your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Faster (By Adding an SSD)

An Xbox One and PS4

An Xbox One and PS4

Sony and Microsoft made the decision to abhor shipping the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with solid-state drives. They preferred to stay with the slower mechanical drives so as to keep costs on a low, but then you could speed up load times for your console games with the addition of a solid-state drive to your PS4 or Xbox One.

In general these days, modern console games are installed to as well as loaded from the hard drive, not particularly only from discs. Making use of a faster solid-state drive will certainly lessen load times in games. Certainly, you could execute this upgrade on a game console.

There is also the option of using this trick to add a bigger mechanical hard drive and then procure more storage than the 500 GB drive which had followed your console, if that is your preference.

PlayStation 4

Normally, PlayStation 4 consoles are not compatible with external hard drives, so it Is possible for you to just plug an external SSD into your console. Nonetheless, the PlayStation gives you the opportunity to gain access to a drive bay, when you get there, you could remove the internal drive and then possibly replace it. You now have the option of taking out the mechanical hard drive which had accompanied your PS4, and then choose to install a faster solid-state drive — or an even larger mechanical hard drive, if you so desire.

Sony released official instructions on the procedures to embark when you want to replace your PS4’s hard drive here (
It is necessary for your new drive to be a 2.5-inch internal drive, 9.5mm or slimmer in size, and then use the SATA specification. It should work fine provided you choose a drive that properly fits in with those specifications, in your PS4. It is also cool to carry out some research and make purchase of a solid internal SSD — it’d be the same kind of SSD you could have bought if you were upgrading a computer with an SSD.

It is not possible to have more than one hard drive installed at a time in your PS4, so it is wise you choose to purchase a fairly large SSD.

Sony’s guide will take you through the process of backing up the data which at present is on your console, to a removable drive, gaining access to the PlayStation 4’s hard drive bay, making installations of the drive, and eventually reinstalling the PS4 system software on your new drive as well as restoring the backup.

The PS4

The PS4

Xbox One
Microsoft’s Xbox One would not give you the chance to to open it and replace its internal drive as it is not possible. Yet in face of this, the Xbox One is well coherent with external hard drives which you could connect over USB. Make the purchase of a speedy external SSD that makes use of the USB 3.0 specification, and then plug it into your Xbox One, and you then you could go about installing games on that drive. Games will now load faster from an adequately fast external drive besting the pace at which they could have if from the internal mechanical drive.

You fill find necessary a drive that is in support of USB 3.0 and has a minimal size of 256 GB; in the absence of this, the Xbox One won’t allow you to install games to it. You should also be on the look out for a solid-state drive that makes use of the USB 3.0 for the fastest performance — you could choose to have a view of benchmarks of external drives before you buy them. The truth is Cheap USB 3.0 external drives could turn out slow, being labelled with “USB 3.0” doesn’t stop this. The Xbox One provides three USB 3.0 ports, so it is possible to have up to three external drives connected.

Plug an external drive into your Xbox One and you’ll be required to format it and employ it for games and apps. You can as well access this option from Settings > All settings > System > Storage > Format for games & apps.

It is very possible to move games between drives without having to reinstall them. Select by highlighting a game in My games & apps, press the Menu button, and then choose Manage game. At this point, you can now move it between your connected storage devices – for instance, between an external drive and an internal drive. Microsoft’s website provides information on using an external drive with your Xbox One here (

The Wonder In A Box

The Wonder In A Box

The thing is we can’t say games on Nintendo’s Wii U are typically installed to the internal storage, except only in the condition where you download them digitally and then don’t get to play them from discs. Yet, you could as well connect external drives to your Wii U so as to rack up the storage capacity and then potentially speed up load times if the game is loading data from the drive. Nintendo’s website renders instructive help as to what knowledge is required of you as to adding external drives to your Wii U.

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