How To Make Money Online Steadily

Discovering how to make money free online isn’t that hard, but the harder part is taking action and doing what is required of you to make money online. Every day, people continue searching for ways to make money online, most of them find answer online but they never took up action. If you are just here to learn how to make money, you won’t gain much, but if you are here to learn how to make money online and take action, then read this guide.

This is simple guide, if followed, you can count on it to make money online, moreover you can quit your 7-7 jobs and become your boss.

Things You Need To Do Are:

1. Register an Account with Clickbank
2. Choose a Product To Promote
3. Build a Blog
4. Write Some Few Articles
5. Register with Few Article Directories
6. Submit Articles To Many Directories
7. See your Clickbank Account Growing.
We shall be looking into each of them one after the other.

Register An Account With Clickbank

Clickbank is the biggest affiliate marketing network. Clickbank account is free to register with, simply go to to register an account. As an affiliate, you can use clickbank to find products to promote, and as a merchant, you can use it to find affiliate marketers to promote your products.

Choose A Product To Promote

Search clickbank and find a product of your choice you want to promote, you can also use the advance search option to find products. You must always go for a product that has high gravity, because the higher the gravity, the easier it will sell. After getting the products you want to promote, get your affiliate link and save it to your computer, you can save it to your notepad so that you won’t forget it.

Build A blog

You don’t really need a website before you can start to make money online with this method. You can build a blog using and any blog directories. You can create a blog within 5 minutes, everything will be set. What you need to do next is to write a simple article about the product and why they will need the product and how it will help them. And always remember to place your affiliate links in it. Get a ready made blog here.

Write Some Few Articles

Do some research about the product and develop a short article about the product. For example, if your product is about losing weight, plan to write about health and fitness and related stuffs bout losing weight.

Register With Few Article Directories

Go to and search the word “article directories”. The purpose of these sites is to submit your articles. Register with few of these directories. Registering with article directories website won’t cost you a dime. I.e. they are free and it won’t cost you anything to register and submit articles.

Submit Articles To Many Directories

After registering to many directories, your next objective is to submit your articles to those directories and don’t forget to always include a link pointing back to your blog. And remember that the more you promote them, the more money you make.

See Your Clickbank Account Growing

After publishing your articles on those article directories website, You will start to see some sales. And the more your sale the more the money you make. The most important is to promote your articles anyway you can.

Affiliate marketing has always be a great way to make money online; affiliate marketing is what most internet gurus’ use in making money online. You can also use affiliate marketing to make money on Yahoo Answers, all you will have to do is to give an answer on yahoo answers pointing back to your blog. The simple secret is that once you start making money with affiliate programs, you can also implement the method you use to promote Amazon products and many more affiliate networks.

Remember, knowing about how to make money online won’t earn you money, it is what you do with the knowledge that will get you there. I will urge you to stop looking for the magic button. And always have it in mind that making money online is not really complicated, it is us that make it complicated. Just pick one method and work at it until you succeed, start with the above method and you will see yourself making money online. Therefore, stop procrastinating and start making money now! The ball is in your net………

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