How To Make Money Online & Offline In Nigeria During Xmas

The year is almost ending as we are in the 1st day of the 12th and last month which is just a few weeks to Christmas. Christmas is a popular celebration period across the globe. Though Christmas celebration is more about Christians, non-Christians too share the celebration.

Both online and offline, Christmas is a crucial time for business, since people are always willing to spend during Christmas period, I want you to put it in mind that there are various streams to make money during this
celebration period.

Though making money during this crucial period is not for the lazy type, you can only make money when you make a conscious effort towards achieving desired results. Before you can make money during this crucial period, you must take these into consideration.


  •  You Must Be Knowledgeable: you must familiarize yourself on how to make money during this period; you can only learn this from people who have made it already.
  • You Must Be Ready To Solve Problem: before you can make money both online and offline during this period, you must be ready and willing to solve problems. Solving other people’s problem is a great way to make money.
  • You Must Be Persistent & Patient: in anything we are doing, we need to be persistence and patience. Without these, man can never live his dream. You must never quit even when everything seems hard and when failure steers you on the face. To be successful in any business you will engage in, you need these two keys. Remember that “Quitters never win” and “Winners never quit”.

Some Business you can do online during Christmas celebration
  1. You can sell internet products like eBook, entertainment and download. (learn how to make eBooks, eCovers & some product you can sell)
  2. Start Bulk SMS business campaign. Organizations, Churches, Schools, Business Owners and many others send messages to their customers during this period. You can contact these people by sending them a proposal letter telling them you can render SMS service for them quoting you price. If they consider your service to be cheaper that the #5 mobile network charges, you will be granted the opportunity of doing it for them. (get proposal letters that has work for many people. These proposal letters has secure bulk SMS job for many). Start this business today before it’s too late.
Some Business you can do offline during Christmas celebration.
  1. Selling of cloths, new gadgets, toys, electronics, household items and other personal assets.
  2. Iced blocks& drinks sells very well during this period
  3. You can start catering products and services
  4. Travel and transportation services. Get more offline businesses 

Here are just few businesses that sell very well during Christmas celebration. There are lots of opportunities out there to make money during Christmas celebration, just start one today.

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