How To Make Money Offline In Nigeria ( No Computer Skills Required)

All of us will not make money online due to one reason or the other. Some of the reasons why we cannot all make money online are:

1. Some live in remote area where there is poor electricity,
2. Some people has no knowledge about the computer,
3. Some people does not have their own personal computer and the cost of running an online business from a public café is high,
4. Some people have tried online businesses but failed due to poor performance.

These reasons are endless. But be rest assured that if you have failed or haven’t done any online business before, you will surely make it with this business model I will introduce to you.

Today, I want to share some lucrative businesses you can start with a minimum of #1500 with you. These businesses will make you a double profit of the capital you place on it. This is not a fallacy, this is what I have tried personally and it has work for hundred and even thousands of people. Below are the lists of lucrative businesses you can start with.

• How To Make Bar Soap
• How To Make Medicated Soap
• How To Make Toilet Soap
• How To Make A Detergent
• How To Make Soda Soap
• How To Make Liquid Soap
• How To Make Hair Cream
• How To Make Body Pomade

These are the list of lucrative business am ready to teach you. I will teach you how to make all this in a professional manner.

Who can start this type of business?
Anybody with his or her right mind can start this business with a little startup capital.

How will I make money from it?
Make money from this is easy. For example, if you make a soap that doesn’t dissolve quickly in water and has fine scent, people will keep on patronizing you. You can sell the soap at your local market and any other means that is easy for you.

How Will I Get The Materials/Ingredients That Will Be Used?
The materials that you will use for soap and pomade making are available at our various local markets.

How Can I Start This Business?
With a thousand naira, you can buy the materials to start soap making business. With this type of business, you will start employing people to work for you.

Who Will Teach Me How To Start?
If I were to teach you this in a seminar, I will charge you #3,000 for entrance fee and give you a manual for #2,000 Making a total of #5,000. But I have determined to give out the secret to start all those businesses listed above for a small amount of #1,000. The secret to start those businesses are in an e-book written by me. To order for your copy, pay a sum of #1,000 into the bank account below.

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name: Fapohunda Olusegun
Account Number: 0049355128
After payment, send notification  “Offline Money Making Guide” , “Your Email Address” and “The Name You Use To Pay Into Our Bank Account” To Our Phone Number Or Email Address. The package will be sent to you immediately we receive your payment notification.

Call us for other means of payment except from bank deposit.

Our Phone Number Is : 08150498422

Our Email Address Is :

This manual will be sent with a bonus manual on HOW TO BREED SNAILS FOR EXPORT after payment is made.

Note: In Nigeria today, the slot for white collars job is much less than the numbers of graduates Nigeria is producing per year. If you’re planning to make money from this harsh economy, you need to find something doing. Paying a mere #1,000 to unlock a secret that will change your life for better is a great advantage that may never come your way again.

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