Make Money With Little Or No Start-Up Capital : Offline Ideas – For Graduates & Unemployed

One of the most things people search online is how they can make money online.

Today, I wish to share a business that can be done offline. The business that guarantees a minimum of N150,000 monthly with little or no start up capital. Though it has been tested in Nigeria and it work, you can also give it a trial if you live in Africa and any part of the World. The name of this business is “Mobile 

Make Money

What is Mobile Boutique?

A boutique is a store that sells fashionable clothes. So a mobile boutique is a mobile store that sells fashionable clothes. You don’t necessarily need a shop or store before you can start a mobile boutique business, you can start this business from the dorm of your room and you can also start this business with nothing.

How Much Will You Need to Start This Business?

This business is easy, and can be easily done with little or no capital at hand. If you’re having money up to N50,000 to start, congratulations! If you don’t have anything to start with, you will be successful and make money in no time.

How to Embark On This Business?

If you have up to N50,000 and wish to embark on this business, you can tell friends or families abroad to assist you to buy some wears over there because wears are cheaper over there. But if you don’t have relatives and friends in abroad, you can simply go to local market in your country where you can also get wears at cheaper rates. For example, if you’re a Nigerian and wish to embark on this type of business, you can get cheap clothing’s from ABA and some areas in Lagos. You have to research that yourself.

Who Am I Selling My Wears To?

Selling wears is not a problem at all in a country like Nigeria.
Do you know in all Nigerian banks, it is mandatory for all their workers to dress corporately in suit?
Do You Know it is also mandatory for Nigerian lawyers to wear suit to courts?
Do you know pastors of Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria do wear suits?
Likewise Insurance firms and other privately owned and government owned company executives.
You just have to open your eyes and thinking faculty.

Most of these people don’t have time to patronize boutiques for wears because they’re always busy. So the best way you can make money from them is to take those wears to them at their offices and sell to them. They always appreciate that and they will pay you nicely and tell more people about you which tends to bring more customers and money.

I don’t have a Dime But wish To Get involved in this Business?

You just have to be creative. You can start this business without a dime. If you wish to start this business without any money on you, go to those road side boutiques in your area, try to figure out the price of their suits then go back home and think of the people you know very well that cannot do without wearing a suit, send them a text message telling them that you have nice suits which you wish to sell to them. Some of them will respond by telling you to bring samples for them to see. The next thing you will do is to go back to that boutique and tell the store owner you wish to transact business with him/her. After reaching a conclusion with the store owner, take 2 – 3 suits to those that requested for samples and give them your own new price. For example if you’re given a suit for #15,000 you can decide to sell the same suits for N18,000. Don’t make the price too high because it can scare customers away. If you can sell 50 suits a month with a profit of #3,000 on each, you will be banking N150,000 by the end of the month. What if you sell 100, 150, 200…….

In conclusion, my brother is a lawyer, he always buys at least five suits every month and other wears without visiting a boutique. Ask me how he gets his wears without visit boutiques? He has somebody that always brings suit and other wears to his chamber. My advice for all Nigerians and everybody reading this is that we should all think big and be creative. In my area, I’ve never seen a week pass without a party and Nigerians especially in the western region love Aso Ebi………… You can also make money from them by get them the Aso Ebi. Graduates, Unemployed, Think Big……..Don’t wait for white collar Jobs that will take you nowhere.

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