How To Make Colored Text in Facebook Chat

Whenever am chatting with friends on Facebook, I always make my chatting moments with friends interesting and unique by changing the text color in the chat box. Colors they say it influence the mood of humans and it gives extra pleasure & excitement on Facebook chat.

Facebook itself doesn’t support the use of colors and fonts because of some reasons. Facebook put restrictions on the use of fonts and colors for the sake of efficiency and speed. Fonts and colors can cause delay and overloading so they are not allowed in Facebook wall section.


In Facebook chat section, you can make use of colorful text. This can be done with our Facebook colored text generator that will make your chatting moments with buddy on Facbook look cool & fun. Now, all you got to do with this generator is to copy and paste the code generated into your Facebook chat and the result will be a colorful large font in your Facebook chat. A preview will also be shown to you as you type the text into the generator.

Facebook Colorful Text Generator

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