How to enable Dark mode in Microsoft Office

To change your theme,

  • Click “File” at the top-left corner of the Ribbon in Office Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint.

  • Next, click “Account” on the sidebar. On the right side, open the “Office Theme” dropdown menu, and select your desired theme. The default theme is “Colourful”.

To enable dark mode in Office,

  • Select “Black”. It is the darkest theme.

Or you could choose the “Dark Gray” option. This is in case you consider the Black theme to be too dark.

At this point, you could even select a different “Office Background”. If you don’t want a design behind the Office ribbon bar, click the “Office Background” box and choose “No Background”.

The theme and background settings affect all Microsoft Office apps on your PC. They even affect Office apps on other Windows PCs if you sign into them with your account.

To find another area you can select a theme,

  • Click “File” and then “Options”. While in the General category, click on the “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” section after which you click “Office Theme” box and select the theme you want.

However, your document will still have a white background and black fonts.

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